Submit Payment


Payment Methods


1.  Check

Business checks, Bank checks (including online bill pay), and money orders are always accepted.  For Applications submitted sufficiently in advance (adequate time to clear prior to check-in), personal checks can be accepted as well.  Arrangements can generally be made for making payment in cash or check at the property.  Please contact the Property Manager for details. 


2.  Bank Deposit 

A local Wells Fargo branch is located at the local shopping center next to the property (several city blocks).  Wells fargo supports walk-in deposits by anyone at any time.  Guests can use Harmony Estates, LLC account # 20 000 1717 0170 at Wells Fargo bank for this purpose.


3.  Electronic Transfer

A variety of electronic fund transfer mechanisms are supported by various financial institutions, such as Surepay, Fastpay, and others. These services use Cell phone numbers or email addresses to send money to the intended recipients.   Please check with your bank or financial institution to identify the methods available to you for making electronic payment. 

In some cases, such as those with Wells Fargo accounts, funds may be transferred directly into our Wells Fargo Business checking account. Please use Harmony Estates, LLC account # 20 000 1717 0170 at Wells Fargo bank for this purpose.


4.  Paypal

If the other, more direct, payment methods are not available, we can support the use of Paypal for out of town Guests.  Paypal can be used for payment of GUEST FEES only.  Security Deposits can not be made via Paypal, due to their nature of intended refund, which Paypal does not allow.  

A Paypal button is provided below for payment submittal.  

Payments may be made in increments of $25 (the application fee amount).

Please calculate the appropriate number of $25 increments for larger payments and set the Quantity - i.e. $100 can be submitted by setting the quantity to 4.  (4 X $25 = $100).  

Advance Payment of Guest Fees for 30 nights ($3,300) can be made by setting the quantity to 132.   (132 * 25 = 3300)